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well you can, thanks to the securities and exchange commission’s (sec) requirements that large professional investors report periodically on their holdings. here is a list from legends with household names (hint: “buffett”), recent award winners like bruce berkowitz, and some of the largest mutual funds in the world. with buffett you get the added benefit of his knowledgeable, outright purchases of companies, his in depth dialogues with investors and the general peeks into his brain and 10 holdings (in no particular order, as of 12/31/09)scanning through this list you can see that buffett generally likes the market leaders in industries like banking, consumer products and energy.

)top money manager: bruce berkowitz lead manager of the fairholme fund, and recently-named domestic stock fund manager of the decade by morningstar, mr. berkowitz considers himself a disciple of the buffett style of investing, looking for deep values and wide margins of safety when picking 10 holdings mr. berkowitz is currently betting on a consumer recovery as it relates to travel (hertz), credit (americredit, citigroup), and commercial real estate (general growth properties, st. joe). top money manager: fidelity contrafundthe fidelity brand is one of the most recognizable in all of finance, and their contrafund seeks to find companies that are “unloved” by mainstream investors or whose value is has not been appropriately assessed by wall street. gilead sciences and noble energy are bets on fast-growing companies in the biotech and energy services space, money manager: dodge & cox stock fundthis perennial all-star fund has been around since 1965, steadily earning solid returns and gaining new assets.

with a money manager is key, and only the most trustworthy firms will rise to the top. top 50 money managers debunking 5 myths about 529 plans. ranked by total assets under management, in millions, as of dec . morningstar inc. recently announced the nominees for its 2015 u.s. fund manager of the year awards. top financial advisor firms, wealth management firms in india, top 100 asset management firms, best asset management firms to work for, best wealth management firms to work for, largest asset managers by aum 2015, top wealth management firms 2016, top asset management firms uk

income is a secondary consideration to solid growth in its stock investments, and the low annual turnover of 18% shows that the management team aims to stick around for the long 10 holdingswith the exception of hewlett-packard, tech stocks are noticeably sparse in this list. the important thing is to be invested – be a participant in the game and not just a’ve also probably heard of most of these companies.