short term bond funds worth and guggenheim limited duration fund

short-term bond funds are the folic acid of investments; a supplement that will give you a barely measurable albeit positive return. short-term bond funds are for people who have already succeeded to the point where not losing is more important than winning.short-term bond funds don’t exist to make you wealthy. and if a formula works on wall street, it’ll be repeated, which is why there are more than 540 short-term bond funds available to the public.

the funds are relatively easy for investment companies to create, and there are plenty of debt offerings to select fund components from.the best-performing short-term bond fund over the past year has been the guggenheim limited duration fund, up 2.48%. guggenheim feels confident enough in clos that they comprise more than 1/3 of the fund.the caveats about mortgage debt being stated, the limited duration fund’s next largest component is…mortgage-backed securities. if you want in, for an opportunity to get your hands on a piece of that sweet 2.48% annual return, you need to pony up a mere $2 million.for better results in the short term, fittingly for short-term bond funds, let’s look at the best-performing fund in this category over the last 3 months.

and the intermediate bond fund of america’s expense ratio is exactly half of the guggenheim limited duration fund’s. this particular fund is a profusion of components, 627 in total, and most of those fixed-income securities. and unlike guggenheim’s fund for the affluent, you can buy in to american funds’ offering for as little as $250[11].

see guggenheim limited duration fund (gildx) mutual fund ratings from all the top fund analysts in one u.s. news evaluated 524 short-term bond funds. today’s real-time gildx fund quote guggenheim limited duration a ticker symbol gildx price, snapshot, nav, ratings, historical returns, news, risk measures, short-term bond low/limited bbgbarc us agg bond tr usd:11,151.03. short-term bond funds are the folic acid of investments; a supplement that will give like many funds of its ilk, the guggenheim limited duration fund invests a plurality of its money in collateralized loan obligations, which are all six of guggenheim’s eligible taxable fixed-income mutual funds now independently opine on which sectors have the best relative value; guggenheim limited duration (gilhx), short-term bond, top 2%, n/a, 5 stars. limited duration definition, guggenheim total return fact sheet, gioax fact sheet, gilpx, guggenheim enhanced short duration etf, guggenheim bond funds, guggenheim funds breakpoints, transparent value funds

expense ratios, minimum contributions and tax implications are far more important than a basis point or two of movement.disclosure: the author does not have any holdings in the funds discussed.