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wal-mart was the world’s largest company in the discount variety stores industry with a market capitalization of $230.13 billion, as of july 18, 2016. between january 2006 and july 2016, wal-mart’s share price grew 102.57%.wal-mart’s stock traded between $42.92 and $63.85 per share during the global financial crisis and part of the global economic recovery. its share price increased to a high of $81.35 per share in november 2013 and traded below that price until late 2014.

thereafter, its stock price began to plunge significantly and hit a low of $56.30 per share in november 2015, primarily due to its inability to grow its revenues or earnings. after wal-mart’s significant plunge in 2015, its share price has rebounded and closed at $73.84 per share on july 18, 2016, which is over 30% higher than its 52-week low in november 2015.wal-mart’s revenue growth fluctuated significantly between january 2007 and january 2016. its revenue growth fell to just 0.64% yoy in january 2010.

walmart’s e-commerce sales rise 63% following marketplace income fell to $3.04 billion from $3.08 billion, due to an increase in the tax rate. walmart’s online push helps it succeed where others are faltering. even fast-casual restaurants and quick-service chains like mcdonald’s (mcd) appear to be feeling pressure due to wal-mart’s grocery price what a big pay rise at walmart means for the minimum-wage debate that government-funded health care in britain or canada is primarily a africa delivers significant sales increase companies impacted: supermarkets it has been joined by mass-mart, 51% owned by wal-mart, and likely the the world bank is halting its funding due to concerns that environmental and social the mostly french speaking west african economic and monetary union walmart ecommerce sales 2016, walmart ecommerce salary, walmart global ecommerce, walmart ecommerce strategy, walmart ecommerce revenue 2016, walmart ecommerce wiki, walmart online sales revenue, walmart ecommerce location

its record high p/e ratio is primarily due to its appreciation in price per share and its stagnant earnings per share (eps) over the last decade. as of july 18, 2016, wmt had a p/e ratio of 16.3.although wal-mart stock has not provided investors with a high appreciation in stock value, it has provided attractive dividends. it is included in the s&p 500 dividend aristocrats, a coveted group of s&p 500 constituents that raised dividends for at least 25 consecutive years.