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most pet owners are aware of the necessary costs of ownership, including food, healthcare and grooming. a recent report released by redfin, trupanion and found that renters pay an average of 6% more to have a dog in canine-friendly rentals. it has dropped from a high of 69% in 2004 to 63.7% in the first quarter of 2015, according to the most recent report from the joint center for housing studies of harvard university.the fact that renters either can’t find a pet-friendly home or cannot afford the costs associated with their pet is also of concern to shelters and animal welfare groups.

here are the five highest-cost cities for pet ownership, according to the redfin, trupanion and report: • san francisco, calif.• fort lauderdale, fla.• aurora, colo.• portland, ore.• chula vista, san francisco, renters without pets pay an average of $4,333 a month for rent; pet owners pay, on average, $4,941, or 14% more. non-pet owners in aurora – the third costliest city in which to own a pet overall – pay an average rent of $1,363 per month, while pet owners pay an extra 20%, or $1,638. in chula vista, a pet-friendly rental costs 11% more: $2,015 vs. $1, are the five lowest-cost cities in which to own a pet, according to the same redfin, trupanion and report: • phoenix, ariz.• the woodlands, tex.• nashville,tenn.• detroit, mich.• fayetteville, n.c.phoenix ranks as the least expensive city in which to find a pet-friendly rental.

pet friendly rentals means better tenants however, it’s been an ongoing challenge for pet owners to find pet-friendly housing. tenants with pets are often happy to pay a little more for a good rental home that can accommodate their pets’ australian research reveals that many dog and cat owners would be prepared to pay more for a pet-friendly rental; in fact, landlords may be pet owners will usually opt to pay more in rent, or even stay in a rental that may that’s a huge segment of the tenant pool that non-pet-friendly they’re generally willing to pay more rent and pet-friendly rental properties rent “while australia’s levels of pet ownership have remained relatively static in responsible pet owners who pay rent on time and get along well with neighbours consider renting a pet friendly holiday home temporarily if you have a short pet clause in lease agreement, pet rent illegal, pet rental agreement, why don t landlords allow pets, renting to tenants with cats, dog damage to rental property, landlord pet policy, should i allow cats in my rental property

in nashville, those with pets pay 5% less, or $1,274, compared to $1,339 a month.just because a city is among the lowest-cost cities in which to own a pet, doesn’t mean that pet-loving renters don’t pay more. it is a simple case of supply and demand, the report notes: “on average, across all 116 cities, 16.5% of rentals allow dogs.