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from organic food to more natural personal care and household items, interest in these items is exploding.and in that trend investors can find plenty of opportunity. for investors, the time to get healthy is now.torrid growthwhile there is certainly a segment of the american consumer that is struggling, many are actually moving up the “food chain” and have resumed spending on organic and natural items. leading the way has been millennials, who are are more likely to buy sustainable products.growth in organic and natural products is set to rise higher still over the longer term.

filling your basketgiven the torrid and continued growth of organic and natural products, investors may want to hop on board for the long haul. analysts expect the firm to grow its revenue by 15.1% and earnings by 13.6% this year. organic foods distributor united natural foods, inc. (nasdaq:unfi) is also worth a look.aside from the purveyors of natural foods, the companies that actually produce them could be great buys as well.

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the latest are the addition of gluten-free bakery rudi’s organic and u.k.-based rice business tilda. the trend towards growing organic and natural products sales is only building momentum.