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many believe steve jobs, the late ceo of apple, was the visionary behind these product developments, which led to a decade-long cycle of product innovation, driven by not only this strong vision but also a unique understanding of consumer’s tastes and appetites. this robust 14-year period of product and category innovation resulted in an extremely strong stock price appreciation, from $1.47 to $110.38 (adjusted for splits, etc.) for example, p/e can contract (drop) as the market anticipates the loss of revenues prior to the actual occurrence.

on the other hand, p/e can be too low if the market is slow to recognize a business’s improved operational efficiencies that will translate into higher earnings power. estimates over the next couple of years appear to be in line with the current p/e trend. aapl is trading at a forward peg of 1.07 compared to the industry’s of 1.41 according to yahoo!

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the risks to this analysis lie in the data and the expectations by the market. if the expected growth is too high, then the p/e to growth is understated and the attractiveness of the stock is worse.