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tesla motors, inc. (tsla) has caught the imagination of investors who have bid up the electric car manufacturer’s share price from a scant initial public offering price of $17 in 2010 to more than $200 today. tesla is looking to benefit from the energy efficiency of its electricity fueled cars. beyond that, tesla is also aiming to introduce a model 3 car that is more geared to the mass market.

and, in addition to using them in its own cars, tesla also provides electric powering components to other car manufacturers, as well as battery systems for residential and commercial use.charging networkin order to facilitate charging, the company is building up a network of charging stations on major highways in the united states as well as overseas in asia and europe. tesla has also partnered with panasonic to build a factory for battery production near reno, nev., so that it can better control costs and the production process.tesla also has some other advantages that help keep its costs down. for one, the company has to deal with various parts suppliers and any unavailability of parts could disrupt its production.

tesla has developed workarounds, like selling over the internet, in such states.and of course, tesla faces major competition in the electric car market. there is also foreign competition from chinese and other manufacturers who will likely have a significant cost advantage.also, if oil prices eventually stabilize at lower levels as a result of fracking ,or any other sources that increase oil supplies, tesla’s cars could lose a part of their allure.the company had its first profitable quarter in 2013, reporting net income of about $11 million, or $0.12 per share, for the first quarter of the year. it also remains to be seen how the affordable mass market model 3, which tesla is betting on for profitability, will play with average consumers.

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while the company has been steadily growing its revenues, it is still operating at a net loss and has not generated profits for shareholders.