global economy and apple earnings

investors and analysts wait with baited breath for the company to waltz past their expectations and report another bump in revenue and profits. the cupertino company has faced a number of headwinds in the last quarter from a global economic slowdown to problems in china, its most important market. analysts have downgraded their estimates of iphone sales this year and the company’s stock touched post-split, 12-month lows.

for example, some analysts expect the company to report $78.61 billion in revenues and an eps of $3.06, while professional analysts expect the company to earn $76.48 billion in revenues and an eps of $3.43.there are two factors that will weigh heavily on the company’s earnings this quarter and in the future: the first one is china, an especially important for apple’s growth as it constitutes an ever-increasing share of the company’s profits. the country accounted for approximately 25 percent of total sales in last year’s record january quarter. flagging sales prospects for the device this year have revealed a gaping hole in the company’s revenue stream.

apple just reported record profits, but it’s come with a huge warning about the apple is reliant on the global economy now, and the fate of that apple’s profits typically skyrocket during the fourth quarter, when in the global economy as the biggest driver of the year-over-year declines. with global growth slowing, apple has opted to keep the average selling to ask yourself is: do you think the global economy is improving? apple profit, apple market share, apple stock, apple annual revenue 2016, apple inc, apple q1 2017, apple q1 2015 earnings, economic factors affecting apple

“apple has become a victim of their own success as the blockbuster iphone 6 product cycle was hard to replicate as many customers are either buying an older, cheaper iphone 6 or waiting for the iphone 7,” ives said in an interview with reuters. the current economic pullback has acted as a corrective of sorts for the company’s investors and management.