biggest allies and iran

in 2015, president barack obama signed a controversial deal enabling iran to keep its nuclear program active without sanctions, provided the country adheres to a list of ongoing conditions. most importantly, the deal stipulates that iran at no time can use its program to develop nuclear weapons.opponents of the deal charge that any agreement that enables iran to continue developing nuclear technology is too much of a concession, given the country’s track record of open hostility toward cooperating with western nations, in particular the united states. iran provides lebanon with over $100 million in aid every year, most of which goes toward military supplies and weapons.iran’s alignment with lebanon is problematic largely due to hezbollah, the political party in control of the lebanese government.

during the cold war, turkey was a key nato ally; iran supported the the best example is russia, prussia and austria’s “holy alliance” to russia, china and iran are syrian president bashar assad’s closest allies. the reasons for their support of his government vary, ranging from iran enemies list, iran biggest enemies, iran allies with russia, is china allies with iran, iran enemies, syria iran closest ally, iran enemy countries, iraq allies and enemies

iran found russia to be the most convenient provider of weapons, while russia, determining it might help stanch the spread of western influence, agreed to help iran develop its nuclear of 2015, relations between the united states and russia are as bad as they have been at any point since the end of the cold war. in january 2007, chavez and ahmadinejad reached a deal to unite against what they termed u.s. imperialism, going so far as to earmark a $2 billion joint fund to provide military aid to other nations they identified as having anti-u.s. interests.while as of 2015, iran and venezuela remain allies, the latter’s influence has waned as a result of a new president and economic calamity from falling oil prices.