6 ipo market trend and industry analyst

after a very mediocre 2015, the initial public offering (ipo) market is facing a number of strong crosswinds in 2016 that make it more difficult than usual to predict its outcome. depending on whether you listen to industry analysts or the venture capitalists who have skin in the game, 2016 could end up as more of the same, or it could see the breaking of a logjam that has been building for a couple of years.after several years of robust growth in the ipo market, 2015 saw a marked decrease in the number of offerings and the amount of proceeds raised. with easy access to private capital, many companies saw no need to risk their valuations in a shaky ipo market.based on the opinions expressed by industry analysts and participants, a general consensus emerges of a worst-case scenario, which is 2016 will not be any worse than 2015.

such guarded optimism can be attributed to the following factors.many industry analysts believe the dearth of ipo activity in the last year is the result of widespread availability of private funding, which has led to more than 100 private companies reaching the “unicorn” level of valuations. private funding sources are beginning to recognize this and fear the public market will shy away at ipo time. private funders such as fidelity are proactively narrowing the gap by marking down the value of their stakes.

analysis of trends in ipo count market development and analysis. eyes turn to 2017 for growth as the ipo market still reels from uncertainty in 2016 a total of 638 ipos raised us$71.5b, down 6% and 21% ey global ipo trends report is released every quarter and looks at the ipo “ global ipo markets in q1 2017 saw the highest first quarter new us industrial 2. the road ahead: 6 trends shaping the future of auto tech by kerry wu (@ kerrygwu), cb insights senior tech industry analyst analyzing private markets activity in auto tech, startup investment has rocketed cruise acquisition (in addition to mobileye’s 2014 ipo and several large telematics exits). the biggest stock market winners typically make their major price ipo news and analysis | ipo leaders stock list | filings and prices of recent new issues high and above an 87.08 buy point in a six-week flat base on friday. the travel booking industry group has moved into the top-tier rankings over the

health care ipos accounted for more ipos in 2015 than any other sector, and analysts predict the sector will show an increase in offerings in 2016.as the prospect of lower valuations increases, a growing number of late-stage startups are under pressure to return cash to their investors in the coming year.